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The UCSF PharmD



The UCSF PharmD


  • The UCSF PharmD is a medication expert with a strong foundation in science and critical thinking.
  • The UCSF PharmD prepares leaders to improve patient care, transform pharmacy practice and address challenges in pharmacy and across healthcare.
  • UCSF students complete the PharmD and a year of postgraduate training in four years.




So a PharmD or a doctor in pharmacy is telling the world that you are a master of medications. And so it gives you that depth of knowledge, but also gives you an expertise to make sure that people take their medications correctly and that the right ones are given to them.

Traditionally, what it would take a student five years to complete a PharmD and a one year post-graduate training program, our students will be able to do it in four. The goal of our curriculum is to prepare pharmacists to deal with the 21st century health care problems of the country, as well as the world.

We teach you how to think critically about how all your organs work together to react to this medication. Also, make sure that we teach you the data behind all of these medications so that you can go out and read new literature and determine for yourself how to use that for your patients. And so they're giving you the building blocks that many others may skip over.

There's many opportunities to show your leadership in pharmacy, whether it's being involved in group projects or also presenting your student research.

How well trained and prepared you are throughout the program will really help me into getting a residency. And that's why I'm planning on applying to UCSF's PharmD program.