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Uniquely UCSF

The UCSF PharmD



Uniquely UCSF

Campus (Why UCSF?)

  • Our distinguished clinicians, scientists and educators are committed to UCSF’s public mission, serving populations that may not otherwise be served in the healthcare system.
  • UCSF’s setting in San Francisco and close to the Silicon Valley inspire revolutionary thinking and problem solving.
  • UCSF’s role as leader in research and patient care provide an unparalleled educational experience.




It's pretty incredible to be in a meeting or walking on campus with Nobel Prize Laureates, Academy of Sciences, researchers, and then sit in a meeting with them and have them really talk about the public mission and treating those that sometimes no one else will treat.

Located in the heart of San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Revolutionary research going right now, ETSF as well, in our labs, and in our classrooms. The whole class, in the pharmacy school at least, is about 120 students. Smaller than any of your large lectures in an undergraduate institution. You get to have a personal relationship with a lot of the professors here if you reach out to them.

Definitely, if you look at research at NIH funding, UCSF ranks number one. And it does extend outside of San Francisco. If you look at care, UCSF Medical Center ranks always nationwide in the top 10 and statewide is a top institution. So we're talking about the top of the top.

When you combine all those factors I can honestly say that UCSF is a one of a kind school.