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Uniquely UCSF

The UCSF PharmD



Uniquely UCSF

Limitless Future

  • A wide variety of opportunities await you as a UCSF PharmD.
  • UCSF PharmD graduates are leaders throughout the state and nation, offering the UCSF PharmD an extensive professional network of opportunities and options for post-graduate training beyond UCSF.
  • UCSF provides the tools, and support for students to confidently pursue their career goals in areas students may not have believed possible.




There are many options after getting a PharmD. There is getting a residency, which to advance your clinical foundation. There is getting a fellowship, which is doing more research-oriented work.

And then there's getting a job. Or there's even getting a PhD if you wanted. Really, there's a lot of opportunities available for students.

Our alumni, as I say, there's UC clones all over the country. And they're doing some fabulous things, everything from providing direct patient care, to working in government and policy. So there's lots of opportunities.

In the curriculum, we provide opportunities for students to do a self-assessment of their skillsets, things that they like to do to identify their strengths and weaknesses. And with that information, we're trying to match up, well, what would be a good fit in terms of a job opportunity or a career path that you could take? And with that information, they can make better informed decisions about how to come up with a strategy for them to achieve that goal.

I never thought I would be good enough for residency or to do oncology pharmacy. But here I am. It's because, really, they instill that seed in me to keep me motivated all the time.