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Uniquely UCSF

The UCSF PharmD




Build Core Knowledge

  • Curiosity and a scientific mindset underlie all aspects of the UCSF curriculum.
  • Students learn in an integrated curriculum organized by organ system and disease state, applying concepts learned in the classroom to patient care settings.
  • The UCSF PharmD is equipped with the knowledge and skills to be on the cutting edge of practice today and in the future.




Our students essentially learn to say why. And therefore, the science leads to a scientific way of thinking.

It doesn't mean that you have to be a scientist in the traditional sense of doing benchwork, but your approach to problems, your strategies is all-- with what is the evidence. What is the evidence telling me? What don't I know? And how do I try to figure out how to get that information?

The pharmacy curriculum here at UCSF is unique in the sense that we learn by organ systems. And so for example, in the cardiovascular system, we would be learning about the pharmacology of the drugs, the physiology of the heart failure, arrhythmia. In addition to in a classroom setting, we also get to practice our clinical skills as well with mock patients or with our classmates.

UCSF is providing students with the knowledge that they need as pharmacists through this unique curriculum that we have that is really built around providing students with the fundamental and core knowledge that they need so that they'll be on the cutting edge of treatments and methodologies for clinical care in the future.