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Uniquely UCSF

The UCSF PharmD




Experience Pharmacy Practice

  • UCSF PharmD students get real-world, hands-on pharmacy experiences from day one.
  • Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences introduce students to pharmacy practice in community and hospital settings – and develop the expertise to practice upon graduation.
  • Students choose elective experiences among a diverse array of options to customize their experience aligned with their career and professional goals.




Students at the UCSF's of School of Pharmacy are very fortunate that we are partnered with the UCSF Medical Center and the Department of Pharmaceutical Services-- and from day one are getting hands-on, real-world experiences.

So the clinical experience at UCSF will really be two phases-- the early introductory pharmacy practice experiences in the first two years, where students will be spending time in primarily community pharmacy settings, as well as health care systems or hospital-type settings. And then we have the APPEs, which are the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

The APPEs are preparing the students for graduation, to achieve certain competencies in terms of providing direct patient care, and prepare students for the next step.

But in addition to that, students will also have the opportunity to choose electives of their interest, from veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical industry, managed care, infectious diseases, transplant, you name it. There's all kinds of opportunities, again, for students to really go deeper and explore areas that they're interested in for their career choice.