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Uniquely UCSF

The UCSF PharmD





  • UCSF’s renowned faculty bring diverse experience and expertise in science, clinical research, pharmacy practice and healthcare to educate the next generation of pharmacists.
  • UCSF faculty create a learning environment by challenging students to think and solve problems collaboratively in new ways.
  • UCSF faculty teach and mentor students to shape the future of pharmacy.




At the University, we've got the core faculty that are located here on campus that engage in a lot of the research and clinical care activities of the hospital. But we've got a large number of volunteer faculty, as well, that are in the clinic full time. And I think that's what really enhances our experiential arm of the curriculum.

We also have several dual-degree pharmacist faculties. We have some PharmD PhD faculty, what I call clinician scientists, who really have that focus and emphasis on clinical research.

What I really like about our faculty is that they really challenge us and push us in our thinking. We all come in here not having gone to pharmacy school. And so thinking as a pharmacist is new to everyone. So for example, during an exam review, we may not get a question answered correctly. But instead of just saying, this is the answer, let's move on, they'll be asking us, well, OK, tell us your thought process for this answer choice. What would you think about it in terms of this perspective?

By teaching and mentoring our future pharmacists, it really helps shape the profession itself. It's a very dynamic profession. It continues to change and evolve. And we're engaged in that by shaping our future learners.