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The UCSF PharmD




Who Makes a Good Fit?

  • Ambitious and inquisitive students that demonstrate potential to be future leaders in pharmacy make great fits for UCSF.
  • We admit students from very different backgrounds, and with diverse points of view and vastly different personal experiences. They reflect the School of Pharmacy’s underlying commitment to diversity and inclusion in its mission and the UCSF PRIDE values.
  • Our holistic admissions process treats every applicant as unique and different. All applicants who meet the minimum eligibility requirements are considered for admission.




The student who would fit well in this program would be somebody who is very motivated. You don't need to come in knowing exactly what you want to do in pharmacy, but you have to show that you have the drive that you would work towards something like that.

People think that GPA is important. We think it's important too, but really it's far less important than, do you have good communications skills? Have you been involved in extracurricular activities? Not just a smattering, but really looking for a deep dive. Someone with some sustained commitment.

A lot of people are intimidated in applying here. They think, I wouldn't get in. Really, we look at everybody who meets the criteria and that is something that we pride ourselves on.

Applying to pharmacy schools can be a very nerve racking time because it's a big part of your future. At the same time, you have to trust yourself and say that I've done everything I can at this point. I've done what I've loved. I've really tried to pursue and figure out that this is the career that I want to have.

So really believe in that and hold on to that because that's also going to be the same sort of inspiration that carries you through pharmacy school.